New Crews

Have an idea for a brand new crew? There aren’t any crews close to you? Not finding what you want? Organizing a Venturing crew is easy to do! Click this link to find out more.

Chartered Partners

Are you with an organization that serves teens and want to charter a Venturing Crew? Chartered organizations are the backbone of Scouting.

Each Pack, Troop, Crew, and Ship is sponsored by a faith-based,
civic, community, or educational organization. These chartered organizations help build Scouting in their communities by providing adequate meeting facilities, selecting quality leadership for each unit, and appointing a representative to coordinate all Scouting unit operations within the organization. As a result, the foundation of
Scouting—and of our young people—is being built in
partnership with these organizations.

Who Sponsors Scouting

Click the clinks below for lists of supporting organizations and related resources.

Contact Us!

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